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Ok, it’s 2022.
How does a modern advertising professional stay creative and translate ideas into life?

Basically, I … Surf the Web, Read Everything, Socialize, Listen to People, Relax, Belly Laugh, Try to Be Funny, Get up Early, Stay up Late, Sleep In, Eat Sushi, Walk the Beach, Workout – 2 Feel the Endorphins, Look at My Surroundings, Go to Museums, Mingle with Other Cultures, Go Shopping, Use and Own the Latest Gadgets, AND Try to Be Friendly, Honest and Generous Towards Others,

then I …

Mix all the above with my solid education and natural talent.


I specialize in the creative process – taking unique thoughts from concept to reality. As a “hands-on” Art Director I translate ideas into digital imagery within a multimedia world. I truly enjoy the entire creative process.

I’ve studied fine arts, film, advertising design and computer science before combining these interests at the renowned Ringling College of Art and Design earning a BFA in Computer Animation.

Specializing in 3D Character Animation, I began my career as lead animator at The Pixel Factory (Orlando) working on several commercial projects for Disney, Universal Studios and Planet Hollywood as well as international animation projects with “hydraulic” motion rides for TOGO International in Japan.

With extensive experience in production and working with clients, I opened my own freelance 3D animation and design studio called Visual Voodoo in Miami which later developed into a full-time career as an Art Director. Currently, I continue working on a wide variety of multimedia projects for many different industries and clients.

Jonathan Davis

Art Director | Animator | Translator









“I Create Dipherence – Not Similarity.”

– Jonathan Davis (2010)
ON The Clock …

I’m an Art Director consisting of part Animator, part Graphic Designer, part Illustrator and part Project Manager.

Some say I have 1.21 Gigawatts of brain power used at critical times to jumpstart complex projects that need creative solutions.

I have solid skills in design – motion, print, web, apparel and illustration. I live and breathe branding and storytelling.

I like translating ideas that maximize multimedia and ideas that influence people, from product design to interactive design on a national level.

I enjoy getting my hands dirty and being a communicator. Every project I consider exciting and an opportunity to add something awesome to my portfolio.

I’m comfortable collaborating with a team or simply working one on one.

OFF The Clock …

I never get bored.

Every chance I get I eat sushi dipped in a mega dose of wasabi and since my wife is Russian – I also really love blini with melted butter and red caviar.

I surf the web with due diligence never once getting distracted by useless information (well, maybe sometimes) – but thank God for broadband.

I discovered two things to relieve stress – PlayStation Driving Games and good old fashion endorphin rich exercise.

I love getting my wife and friends to laugh by quoting famous parts of classic movies. i.e. National Lampoon’s – Vacation, Fletch or Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I enjoy working on my personal “side projects” creating short stories with 3D characters and of course working on my clothing company called SUNFUN Florida.

Select Clients and Projects

Disney Interactive, GE Capital, Planet Hollywood, Village Cinemas, All Star Cafe, Mundo Nuevo ISP, Learning Soft Games, AIAA Science Conference (Presentation for Boeing, NASA and Pratt & Whitney), Pepsi Co, Coca-Cola, HandiTray, NuFace, Nic-Out, Hotel De Paris, Westin Hotels, Zorbeez, Fushigi, DermaWand

Let's Do Coffee Sometime

My Preferred Location:    Miami Beach, FL
My Cell:    561-602-9222
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Jonathan Davis Graphic Designer Translating Ideas
Jonathan Davis Graphic Designer Translating Ideas Desk