Creative Portfolio


Mr. Addiction – Project (In-Production)

Project Brief:

The current project involves a 1 minute TV commercial that advertises a pharmaceutical drug featuring a 3D (brain neuron) character named Mr. Addiction.

Script Writing, Character Design, 3D Modeling, Rigging and Animation:

The project required designing a character for 3D, producing a storyboard, building the 3D character with rigging and full body and facial animation to follow a voice-over script.

Software Used – Maya, AfterEffects, Premiere
Story Development, Script, Art Direction, Modeling, Rigging, Animation – J. Davis and Steam Roller VFX

Character Design and Animation

Coke vs Pepsi

Project Brief:

This character animation spot was designed, modeled and animated for a small video in-store display ad. The animation was used as part of a promotional campaign for the 7-Eleven convenience store chain in Florida. 7-Eleven wanted to test video display ads on their store shelves to help sell specific products.

Video, 3D Animation and VFX:

To achieve the visual effect of physically grabbing the 3D character I needed to be able to grab a real aluminum can to match the shape of my hand. To do this – I sprayed painted an aluminum can with a green chroma-key color so it could be masked out in AfterEffects compositing.
Video Setup: I setup a video camera to shoot the inside of a refrigerator loaded with Coke and Pepsi cans. The painted green aluminum can video was shot separately.

Software Used – Maya, AfterEffects
Art Direction, Character Design, Modeling, Textures, Lighting, Animation, Video and Compositing – J. Davis

Tubby Tuba – Anti-Smoking Campaign

Project Brief:

This project involved animating the classic character “Tubby the Tuba” for a national TV spot to promote an anti-smoking campaign for kids.

Character Design and 3D Animation:

TUBBY TUBA is a fun character that kids love to see even today. The original 1947 animation (film) is considered a classic by everyone. The modern ad campaign called for choosing a special character that needed to have healthy, “strong lungs.” Tubby the Tuba was the perfect choice.

Software Used – Maya, AfterEffects
Art Direction, Character Design, Modeling, Textures, Lighting, Animation – Jonathan Davis

Orlando Solar Bears – Hockey Team

Project Brief:

This project involved designing and animating the team mascot as a larger than life character breaking through the ice floor during a home game.

3D Animation:

This character was designed, modeled and animated for a TV commercial to promote the professional Hockey Team in Orlando, Florida.

Team History: The Solar Bears were owned by the same DeVos family which owns the NBA’s Orlando Magic. The team is now part of the ECHL.

Software Used – Maya, AfterEffects

Producers: Chris Voellmann and Stan Johnson
Art Directors – Animators: Jonathan Davis | Heather Tomson
Video and Editing: Stan Johnson
Production Studio: RVM, The Pixel Factory