Creative Portfolio


Fushigi – Magic Gravity Ball

Project Brief:

The Client presented the project to me to help brand a new product called Fushigi. Fushigi is a Japanese word that means, a mystery. Fushigi is a mesmerizing, magical and simply an amazing product. Fushigi unlocks the mystery through motion manipulation and appears to defy gravity and float in midair. From the minute a person picks it up for the first time they will be engaged and determined to master the illusion of defying gravity with the ball.

The Client wanted to start a new “Hacky Sack” trend with kids and adults by promoting the ancient art of contact juggling. Today the Fushigi culture of contact juggling is growing and thousands have already mastered the art of Fushigi. Is Fushigi Magic? Maybe. An illusion? Maybe. You decide. Warning: Fushigi is addictive and mind blowing.

Logo Identity:

The logo needed to convey a design that reflected the art of “contact juggling.” I decided to use the obvious symbolism of two hands and the product’s spherical shape magically floating on fingertips.

Package Design:

The packaging design was a standard box but I decided to design the box with some eye catching graphics to “pop out” on any retail shelf.

3D Animation:

The TV commercial needed an opening logo animation that would quickly describe the name and the product’s gravity defying illusion.

Software Used – Illustrator, Photoshop, Maya, AfterEffects
Video Production (Client) – Zoom TV Products | Host – Tim Goewey
Art Direction, Identity, Graphic Design, Package Design, Animation – Jonathan Davis (JD)