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Holds Everything in One Hand – Even Little Hands.

HANDITRAY solves a common problem. What’s the problem? Have you ever been to a party or social event serving both food and beverages but discovered that there is no where to sit to eat or drink? So then you find yourself standing there juggling your food and drink with two hands trying to eat your food. Well then, Handitray solves the problem by allowing a person to hold there food and beverage all in one hand. HandiTrays are a simple yet quirky tray idea to help you eat your food while standing.

Project Brief:

A client approached me with just an idea and a napkin sketch …

He said, “Can you help me design and market my invention? It’s a tray that holds everything in one hand.” ….I said, “Sure, first thing we need though is a catchy product name.” After creating the name HandiTray the client and I worked together to develop his invention. Several prototypes later we had the final product designed and ready for marketing.

My Art Direction:

The HandiTray was a unique idea that needed a unique design. So I helped design the tray to hold a paper plate, plastic cup, plastic bowl, utensils, and even a champagne or wine glass all in one hand. Also I designed the HandiTray to sit on a table or lap with all items in place.

Client: HandiTray, LLC
My Production Process: Product Design, Branding, Logo, Photography,
3D Animation, Video Production, Ecommerce Web Design


HandiTray is also a promotional product that can be imprinted with any company logo
which is an affordable way to create a memorable impression and increase brand awareness.

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