Creative Portfolio


Precise Pen & Stylus

Project Brief:

The Client presented the problem that stylus and pen combinations were not selling effectively. I asked him – why not? The Client said, “pen & stylus combinations are convenient BUT they don’t tell the user that they have full CONTROL over their paper and mobile touchscreen surfaces.” So I suggested creating a “bold design” to convey the idea that the (2 in 1) pen was a great way for the user “TO GAIN CONTROL” when writing on different surfaces. I knew I had to show the POWER and CONTROL of the product to the consumer.

Logo Identity:

I set out by first coming up with the POWER logo identity. I researched power symbols and realized the best power symbol that related to the product was a “clenched fist.” The clenched fist conveyed both POWER and CONTROL. The next step was creating a slogan which usually is a difficult task but in this case it was a “No Brainer” – hence the slogan, GET CONTROL. For the product name PRECISE I created a logo (using Diavlo font) that conveyed precision and technical sophistication.

Package Design:

Clam Shell Package Design. The Client obviously wanted to sell a lot of the product via – Retail and Online sales. For Retail I needed to design a package that would show effectively hanging on a store shelf AND quickly show the (2 in 1) pen & stylus capability – so as a designer I purposely exposed both ends of the product with clear plastic to show the pen tip and the stylus tip.

3D Animation:

For the Online sales I knew I needed to create a 3D animation to show how the product works and it’s advantage and convenience. I decided on realistic 3D via MAYA to help give it a technical and believable look.

Software Used – Illustrator, Photoshop, Maya, AfterEffects
Art Direction, Design, Modeling, Textures, Lighting, Animation – Jonathan Davis